Create Wrestling is proud to present our line of 3D printable wrestling ring kits.

3D Printing has fast become a widespread, cost effective form of manufacturing.
All of our rings can be printed and assembled just like a real wrestling ring. We have the traditional style, which breaks down into 40+ pieces,
and a Flexibeam style that has 16. Our creations are modular in nature so you can scale up or down to make a ring that’s perfect for you.
It is because of this technology that we are able to rapidly create realistic, functioning models and toys without the limitations of traditional manufacturing.

If you are interested in 3D Printing and want to learn how to get started, click on ‘How It Works’ above.



Our Marketplace is perfect for Creators who would like to print our designs and sell them to Customers who might not want to invest in 3D Printing.
It is FREE to sign up and start selling and buying. We only take a small 10% commission on each sale that goes towards keeping the site running and creating more products for everyone to enjoy.
Sellers on the Marketplace can sell printed wrestling ring kits, sewn canvas and aprons, to turnbuckles and ropes. If you are also a designer that loves Pro Wrestling like the rest of us, you can sell your own STL files and make this community stronger.

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About Create Wrestling

The idea for Create Wrestling started about 15 years ago when I was 13 years old. I used to take my WWE rings that were just 1 big chunk of plastic molded into the shape of a wrestling ring, and painstakingly cut out pieces of it until it looked like the frame of an actual wrestling ring. I was very much into the DIY aspect of the toys when I was younger. I fell out of love with Pro Wrestling until late 2012 when I was living in Portland, Oregon and saw the brief re-imagining of Portland Wrestling with Roddy Piper. I then remembered how much I loved playing with those wrestling toys as a kid and wanted to give it another try. My initial concept in 2013/2014 was to build these out of metal and weld together all the pieces. It was a nice idea, but the execution of it made no business sense whatsoever. The turnaround was going to be forever, and the quality wasn’t anywhere near what I had envisioned for it. At this time 3D Printing how we know it today was in its infancy and was too expensive. The major tech companies still had patents on their printers and could sell them in the thousands of dollars to big companies and universities. It wasn’t until I moved to Australia in February 2016 that those patents had run out and Chinese companies started hitting the market, driving the price of printers down so the average person could afford them. I had designed my first prototype of a wrestling ring in March of 2016 but couldn’t find anywhere cheap enough to have it printed. So I rehashed my idea of building a hybrid wrestling ring where the main frame is metal, but the connecting pieces were plastic. As you could expect, it looked pretty horrible. It took another year and a half of prototyping, getting every single measurement just right, so that now I have a pretty good method and can create just about anything structural that needs to be modular and have it be right the first time around. I’ve had several different business models floating around from actually manufacturing these rings, to having a subscription service for the files. But each one had their own major drawbacks. Just 1 person manufacturing these rings to meet a big demand using 3D Printing just isn’t feasible as it is not a very fast technology. And subscriptions only work if all of your potential customers are on board with your vision and are also very into 3D Printing. In order for Create Wrestling to succeed, we need to build a big network of Creators who love 3D Printing and want to make a career out of it, and die hard wrestling fans who want realistic-looking scale model wrestling rings. I love creating and there’s a lot more still to come.