How It Works

Getting started with 3D Printing can seem like a daunting task, but it can pay for itself fairly quickly if you know what you are doing. You can print our 18″ Ring using $5 in filament and little energy cost which is a huge savings compared to the big brand wrestling rings. I’ve compiled a short list of what you can get that’s trusted by Creators for being a great place to get started. 3D printers range greatly in price and are dependent on how they’re built, what type of electronics they have, and what features they have. More features don’t necessarily mean better, because its more areas where problems can arise.

You’ll need to download what’s called a ‘Slicer’. Cura is a good, free piece of software that takes an STL file and converts it to a .gcode file that printer reads. Each layer is ‘Sliced’ based on how thick your layer height is. The thicker your layer height, the quicker you will print, but you’ll have noticeable layer lines in your print. Its a fine balance that you’ll have to decide on unless you want to sand and putty fill your prints afterwards.  For the subtle nuances of 3D Printing, I suggest following 3D Printing Nerd on YouTube.


When you download one of our products, you’ll see an image like this:

This will tell you how many files there are and how many of each you need to print to fully assemble it.

For best results, anything with a ‘support’ piece that other parts connect into:

will need to be printed standing upright. It’ll use more support material, but if its printed on its side it’ll be very difficult to remove the support material inside and can potentially break the piece if too much force is applied. For removing support material, I advise using a scalpel carefully cutting away the edges. Everything else can be printed flat on the bed.

All of my files on the Marketplace are available for free, but you can pay what you want for them. While I retain the copyright for my work, I can only allow people to print-and sell-my work through the Create Wrestling Marketplace. We have a built in niche audience that wants the physical product and a lower commission rate(10%) than most other online marketplaces. Please do not upload my files on other websites or sell them anywhere. Doing that will end up limiting how much I can create for everyone and it helps keep the lights on when it all stays under the same roof. I’m happy to provide a win-win situation for people who are willing to print these rings and potentially being able to make a nice living while selling on our Marketplace to our hungry audience. Sellers will also be able to sell their printing service of a particular product without actually having the printed parts ready to go as long as you state your turnaround time and you only list it for 1 sale at a time. If you set it to unlimited you can potentially get bombarded with orders you won’t be able to fulfil within a timely manner. Please do not abuse that.

Thank you all for making this possible.