16 Inch Flexibeam Style Wrestling Ring


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The 16 Inch Flexibeam Style Wrestling Ring Kit contains 16 pieces in STL format for 3D Printing. You must import each file into a Slicing program and print the exact quantity that is at the end of each file ie, (x2)(x8). If your print bed is big enough you can fit most of each piece type on the bed at once. In order to print these you need a print bed that is at least 18″ x 18″ x 9″, 450mm x 450mm x 230mm.
General 3D Printing tips:
Use at least 3mm wall thickness on the Ring Posts with at least 25% infill. Preferably print with ABS, PETG, PLA+, Nylon or any other durable filament. PLA will work fine if you use the stated wall thickness and infill percentage, but it tends to wear away more under stress. The rest of the ring is fine to print in PLA as it doesn’t bear too much tension from the ropes.

While it is a bit harder and more expensive to get a printer that prints larger pieces like these, the ring is more stable in the corners and won’t have any lifting. This is the effect that the 6 sided ring also shares because there’s no middle piece that joins 2 side frames together.

Also note that this zip file does not include Ring Posts. You can download those from within our 18 inch ring or download individual sets.

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